Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dr. Josh Berd, San Francisco’s Cosmetic Dentist talks about using porcelain veneers, his own artistic eye and a personalized approach to dental care to transform a smile.

Have you ever seen a business woman walking to her penthouse office downtown in a perfectly fitted Dior suit, Louboutin shoes, Cartier watch…and gapped teeth? This woman puts immense emphasis on looks, but overlooks the one thing people see first – her teeth! It has been noted that in today’s culture, the appearance of your teeth and oral hygiene indicate your overall health, self-esteem and even status.

In the world of dentistry however, Veneers are mostly done for purely cosmetic reasons – they are an elective treatment. To most people that ask me if they need veneers, as a doctor, my answer is “No.” The reason for veneers is that you yourself don’t like how things look. In this particular case, the woman was unhappy with the diastima (large gap) between her central teeth and wished to have Veneers placed. Let me take you through the Four Step process…

First Dental Visit: Consultation

This is actually the longest of the four visits; it is the consultation that may require the most time since addressing the patient’s concerns and wishes are highly personalized. This visit also includes taking impressions, radiographic images and photos of the teeth to analyze the health and appearance of the smile. Next, I use the information gathered to work closely with a professional lab technician designing Veneers with the appropriate shape, size and color.

Second Dental Visit: Temporary Veneers Fitted

The patient’s teeth are minimally shaped and temporary Veneers are fitted. This step allows for adjustments to be made and for the patient to ‘test drive’ their new smile. Any revisions of the temp Veneers are incorporated into creating the final Veneers.

Third Dental Visit: Permanent Veneers Fitted

During this exciting visit, the final Veneers are placed and the patient walks out with a new smile.

Fourth Dental Visit: Follow-up

This appointment is for the finishing touches, including slight re-contouring, adjustments in bite, and photos of the brand new smile.

Feel free to contact Dr. Berd with questions regarding this procedure.

Note: During the consultation the patient is also informed that Veneers are a non-reversible procedure, they need to be maintained like regular teeth to remain free of cavities, and that the wearing of a Nightguard is highly recommended to safeguard and ensure the longevity of the porcelain.

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