Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life is the real thing.

Life is the real thing, and you get one chance at it. Do not live your life as if you can ask for a do-over. We all have one chance to make our mark. Leave the legacy you believe in. Find out what it is that makes you tick. The passions in your heart are there for a reason! Find your abilities, talents, and gifts that make your life unique and special and use them to better yourself and the world around you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chocolate Crisp Protein Bars

 1 cup Almond Butter
3/4 cup Agave Nectar
2 scoops Vanilla Protein Powder ( Arbonne)
2 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder (Arbonne)
3 cups of Whole Grain Crispy Rice Cereal (organic)
 Mix the almond butter and agave nectar in a bowl in microwave for 60-90 seconds....or can melt in saucepan on stove.
Add protein powders to melted mixture and mix well. Add crispy rice cereal and mix gently.
Spread in 9x13 pan. Can form into small balls if you choose. Refrigerate 1 hour.
Each ball or bar- 68 calories, 3 g fat, 9 g carbs, 2 g protein, 1 g fiber.

 Once again another great recipe to get more protein in a yummy and healthy snack!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Take Action! Today!

The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It's as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.  - Robert Browning 

 I just love this...I had to share this today. Too many times we put off things until someday...
Some day is today!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Character, what is it?

Over the past several years, since I began life coaching one of the things you depend upon when working with other people is that you would hope they are being honest with you. Even in a relationship or friendship we all desire honesty and transparency but we do not live in a perfect world. For many reasons people lie, most of the time it is to protect themselves, to gain some sort of personal gratification, to hide, or to even have some control over a situation they feel is out of control. Of course, none of it is actually valid but in the moment, it happens.
So what is character? Is someone's character really shown by their actions? I believe character is shown when someone lives their life as if nothing is a secret. What you do in secret when you think no one is watching defines who you really are and what you are actually all about.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I ate worms for breakfast!!

Alright, so after this morning I have to say I don't think I have ever had such a Monday morning welcome me to the week. I was thrilled to wake up and start a new day. I felt positive and confident that today would be a great day. I made myself a cup of herbal tea, managed to get a hungry four year old her breakfast, and gave my little one some Cheerios to keep her quiet while I indulged in my bowl of fresh picked blackberries! As I sat next to my husband, who also was snacking on his fresh blackberries and reading the news on his IPad, while having his cup of liquid power, the morning was good! Until, I was about to the end of my bowl and saw it, or should i say "them!". WORMS! Little white worms, were in fact ,in our berries. I have a local farm that I go to every week and get our fresh organic produce. I love that we have this opportunity, however, keep in mind if you are buying organic know that you may have to be prepared for these types of situations sometimes.
I did my research and found that if you wash berries in a solution of warm water and salt, it usually brings them to the surface.
On that note, I think I will stick to my fresh tomato from the farm next week and maybe leave the blackberries sitting there looking pretty on their shelf. Not the way anyone wants to start a week off, but I guess I was able to get some extra protein today. (yuck....)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Protein Bread

I am always looking for ways to include more protein in my recipes. I have tweaked all of these recipes and you can as well. I did not come up with the original ideas, Jamie Eason actually has some great ideas on her website. However, I have changed them according to what I had on hand and  these are great additions for snacking, breakfast, or on the go mini meals. Keep in mind you can add or take away certain ingredients for your preference (nuts, raisins,seeds etc.)  Check them out and enjoy!!!

Pumpkin Spice Protein Bread
1/2 cup Stevia or Truvia
 1/2 cup organic applesauce or plain yogurt
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (optional)
1/2 tsp ground clove
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
4 egg whites
1 (15 oz) can of pumpkin
2 1/2 scoops vanilla protein
2 cups wheat flour (can use oat flour too, comes out better with oat)
1/4 cup raw oatmeal
1 cup skim milk
1/2 cup walnuts (optional)
1/4 cup raisins(optional)
Spray 13x9 baking dish and preheat oven to 350F. 
Combine all ingredients and add the protein,milk, raisins, and walnuts last. Mix together and pour into pan. Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Cut into 30 bars. 3.5 grams protein per bar. 6 grams of carb.

Cinnamon Protein Bread
1/3 cup Stevia or Truvia
2 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 cups wheat flour (can use oat flour too if you have it)
2 scoops vanilla protein
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup Stevia
2 egg whites
1 cup skim organic milk
1/3 cup plain greek yogurt
2 tsp vanilla

 Preheat oven to 350F. Spray an 8 x8 inch pan with non stick spray.
Combine the ingredients together with a spoon. Once mixed together, add half of the batter to the dish and sprinkle half of the stevia and cinnamon mixture on top, then add the rest of the batter, and sprinkle the remaining mixture over the top. Bake.20-25 minutes.  Cut into 16 squares.
This recipe is a heavier bread, please note.
6 grams protein per bar, 10 grams carbs.

* These recipes use protein that is vegan based, you can use whey but it is harder to digest. If you are interested in alternative protein instead of the whey, please see below: 
Order protein here!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Truth About Constipation

I know this is a subject not everyone likes to talk about. It may seem like a disgusting subject but the fact is we all do it, and if you aren't having a normal bowel movement something could be very wrong and you might need to visit the doctor to let him know what is going on. Many people go several years having digestive problems and make their situation worse by not bringing it to the attention of their doctor.

The color of your bowel movement should be medium to dark brown. Bile made by your liver and gallbladder has a yellowish color and changes to the brown color by bacteria passed through the gut. If the stool is too light or grey colored this means that you are not producing enough bile, and this could be a problem for you later in life. If your stool is yellowish color that means that it is passing through your digestive system too fast and isn't getting enough time for the bile to turn brown. Your stool's diameter should be 1-2". If your stool is too narrow that means that you could have inflammation of the bowels and that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Your stool should be firm, but it should NOT be too hard or too loose. If there is undigested food in your stool, that could be a sign that you have low stomach acid levels, or a lack of digestive enzymes. Everyone should be passing a bowel movement every single day. If you are not going every day this is a sign you are constipated. Some healthy people go 2-3 times a day. This is a sign you have a very healthy digestive system.

Constipation can cause blood in your stool. This is a result of tearing. If you just have a little bit on your towel from wiping you probably have nothing to worry about, however, if you have dark blood in your bowel movement and you can see it this could be a sign of a serious problem and you should probably let your doctor know right away.

If you have mucous in your stool that is a sign that there is inflammation in your bowels. If it happens regularly you should probably let your doctor know. Just a couple of times should mean that you probably had some type of food allergy. Watch this closely if it has happened to you especially if it keeps happening. This is a sign of a serious problem.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Only Real Way To Lose Weight

When people think of losing weight they often think of restrictive diets and magic "guaranteed" weight loss supplements or drugs. This is actually an unhealthy way to lose weight and often just shows results in the short term, and can seriously affect your health in a bad way. Even some of the weight loss strategies that just involve depriving your body of necessary vitamins and nutrients is enough to get you sick. Many people have lost weight by consuming only liquids or the liquid diets, and this is very dangerous. It is important to always remember the goal is to lose weight, but it should also be done as healthy as possible.

What everyone should be thinking of is long term significant lifestyle changes that can not only better your mood, increase your energy, keep you young, and help you lose weight. This can include regular walks around the block or at your favorite park. When I say that though I don't mean go walk around until your legs hurt and you feel miserable the next day. Instead enjoy your walk. Walk until you at least break a sweat. Most of all though make sure you enjoy your walk. This will ensure that you will eventually look forward to your afternoon or morning walk. Eventually you might end up walking at both times. The key is creating the habit. If you can do it every day for a month you will find that it becomes routine. This is an example of a small change you can make that can not only help you lose weight, but have dramatic impact on your overall health, in a good way.

Mostly anything that you do that is healthy for you can help you lose weight. Eating vegetables, drastically cutting back on sugar, and curbing your appetite of sweets to fruits. It is most important though instead of depriving yourself of food, try to make healthy choices. Don't eat something that you don't want, but try to change your mindset. Don't worry you can start to convert slowly at first, but remember when you cheat yourself you are just dooming yourself to fail. Throughout your journey of thinking healthy and making wiser choices do not weigh yourself. All you are doing is discouraging yourself, and it won't be helping you. Get your satisfaction when people begin to notice your healthy weight loss through your changing your habits and making healthier choices (even if they are small at first).

Make sure on top of all of the healthy choices to make remember, the only real way to lose weight and burn calories is through regular exercise. Find that routine you love, and don't try to kill yourself with it, enjoy it so you do it everyday. Don't make excuses for yourself, the only one that gets hurt by this is you. When you make excuses those will be the reasons you are not losing weight.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fruit Salsa

1 lb fresh strawberries
2 peaches
1 cup chopped pineapple
2 cups blueberries
1 1/2 TBSP Lime juice
1/2 cup agave nectar
1-3 TBSP Chili powder ( to taste)
1 tsp chopped cilantro
1/2 tsp chopped mint

Dice the fruit and combine. In a smaller bowl mix the agave, lime juice, chili powder,cilantro and mint. Pour over the fruit and toss together.

Chocolate Mint Protein Smoothie

Protein shakes sometimes get a negative reaction. However, the protein I use and also with my clients is an excellent source of all natural vegan protein. It is not whey based so your body does not have to process any harsh diary bi-products. My husband and I are always trying to come up with delicious new ways to make a protein shake. Last night I think he created one of the most delicious versions yet! Here is the quick and easy way to make your healthy smoothie. Thank you Matt! ;)

2 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder
5-6 almonds
Water or Almond Milk (whatever you prefer)
Crushed Ice
2-4 drops of Peppermint Extract ( to taste)
Fresh Mint ( for garnish, not necessary) 
Blend in Vita Mix or blender

If you are interested in ordering the Protein Powder, let me know or visit the website and order online. HERE!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Just finished revamping the website for All Things Healthy Life Coaching!! Check it out!
Life Coaching!!

Dealing with manipulative people

Manipulative people can surface in many relationships. It is important not to confuse manipulation with "influence" . Someone that is influential creates balance and health and spurs you on to be a better person and reach your goals. Manipulation however is a tactic used to control others through lies, remarks, stories, actions,financial means, etc. It can rear its ugly head in many ways. What do you do and how do you handle this, especially if you have someone close to you has been manipulating people all their life. For some it is a way of life. It is not the correct way of life though. People like this are fearful, and in most cases can be very dramatic with their every day life. Most of the time their ultimate desire is self based and they will not have close personal relationships with others. Ultimately their manipulation backfires. But nonetheless, they can be difficult to deal with and you need to be able to recognize manipulation and stand up to it.
In some cases the manipulative person can and will target who they "can" and can't manipulate. Keep in mind....from an earlier post,.....There is no show without an audience! Same for manipulators....they can not manipulate others, if they are not allowed. If someone feels they can manipulate you, they will keep calling, keep coming back, and continuously showing up in your life for something unhealthy.
Keep a balance in your relationships. Keep manipulators at a distance. It takes two to tango...and it always involves two when their are unhealthy patterns. Have nothing to do with it! So, I know the question is there, what do you do when this person is someone in your family? A spouse, parent, or child. Obviously those relationships you can not walk completely away from. BUT, you need to be very specific, clarify what you will and will not allow and enforce that you have boundaries. This will not be easy, you will have differing opinions, but you need to keep unhealthy people in your life at a distance and make them understand how far they can go.
Maintain your character. Manipulative people lie. Keep this tactic in mind. Remember, manipulative people are driven by fear and insecurity and will do whatever it takes to make themselves feel better. Be true to who you are,  who have you always been, manipulators have a pattern and I guarantee you are not the only one in their lives who sees it.
Set limits with people who try to manipulate you and clarify what it is that the relationship will be. Some people you just can not be close to in all of the ways you want to be because of unhealthy patterns or destructive habits.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Staying Fit and Eating Healthy Also Helps Overall Mental Health

So many people wait until they are faced with a health problem before they start becoming physically healthy and start making healthy eating choices. What most people don't know is that being healthy can also greatly increase your happiness and overall mood. So many people nowadays are taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication because they feel that they have a chemical imbalance in their brains, while at the same time don't have healthy eating habits and don't workout at all. I believe that just a small change at first, might make you reconsider the benefits of being healthy and staying healthy. Don't wait until you have a medical condition! Get out there and enjoy life! Stay healthy and eat will be happy that you did. Here are a few tips to get started on your road to not only being more healthy but also having a better outlook on life, without needing all those "feel good" medications that doctors try to shove down our throats. Here are some tips to get started living a healthy lifestyle. Remember start off with small changes and work it into your daily routine. Don't try to kill yourself and over working out. The next day might discourage you from doing in the long run because your body isn't used to it yet. It is best to ease yourself into a routine that you will enjoy and gradually increase your energy level.

Setting your mind doing something healthy you like to do
The first thing you should do is decide what it is you think you would enjoy doing. You don't have to run 3 miles a day, especially if you are starting out. You are only going to wake up super sore and in pain. That is no way to start a healthy routine. Instead think of something that you already enjoy doing, but just don't do enough of. Some examples would be running, jogging, walking your favorite park, yoga, lifting weights or riding a bike. Just remember starting out you need to start small. Set small goals and increase your goals after  a couple of weeks.

Changing your lifestyle
It is not always about exercising. Try to make lifestyle changes that are healthy for you such as quitting smoking, doing healthy eating habits, and being more active in your day. For example if you work a desk job, and you tend to eat your lunch at your desk try eating lunch on the go, or going to a healthy place to eat your lunch. If it is close, don't drive your car try walking. That way you are getting a mini work out as well. Also drinking energy drinks is a big no-no. They have tons of sugar and sodium that are both terrible if you are trying to stay healthy. Especially the dreaded Redbull. I know they work, but they just are not good for you. Try drinking a 5 hour energy instead. It has less sugar, and it even has some vitamins. Ginseng, and green tea are also a healthy energy alternative. Don't forget to drink lots of water. It does a body good to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Getting plenty of rest
Many people push themselves to hard in this regard. Remember you are not a superhero. Sleep is a good thing. I have heard many people tell me that are hard workers that "They will sleep when they are dead" etc etc. This is not a good way to think. Your body needs 7-8 hours of rest every night. Try to make that one of your goals. A body that gets good rest will put you in a great mood just in itself. It will also help keep that routine going. Don't downplay the need to get plenty of rest. It refreshes the mind, body and soul.

Body work
Have you ever thought about meditation? This is great for the body and spirit. This also helps with increasing your overall good mood. If that doesn't work for you try yoga, or a deep tissue massage. This is great for the body and the soul. It will also help you while you are being more active.

Try to lower your stress level
It is a proven fact that stress can kill you. Try not to let things get to you. Blow it off. Take a deep breath and even try to blow off steam by walking a few blocks around your house. You will be surprised how much your mood increases by finding ways to vent your stress. Nothing is worth dwelling on the negative. Try to find the positive side of things. Stay away from medication. Try to find a healthy way to increase your mood that is all natural. Stress is a hard thing to deal with, but in time you will find healthy natural ways to combat the things that stress you out the most.

I hope you take some of my advice and find a good routine that works for you. All of us are different and some things work well for others than they might for you. I have faith in you my friend. Want to change, once you do, the people that care about you the most, and even your boss at work will notice the difference. Maybe you will get that long overdue promotion. Take care! Love and light! Leave comments and let me know what you think!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leave the NOT POSSIBLE, behind!

Success is not a far off dream that you cannot attain.Success is not a dream that doesn’t happen.
Success is not a “maybe”.... Success is leaving that, "NOT POSSIBLE" behind. Turn all of the obstacles into stepping stones.Get out of your own way, sometimes you are the biggest reason things have not changed. Never accept defeat.Get excited.Think big.Make it happen.Be part of the one percent that DO IT! Leaving behind the people or the things that make you believe that your dreams are not possible....can be a very tough thing to do. Obstacles come in all kinds of forms. I have really had my share of obstacles, too many to write on here and honestly, I really do not want to focus on them anymore. Learn to use the things that trip you up as a tool to get higher to your ultimate goals and dreams. It does not matter what town you are from, it does not matter what family you had or did not have, it does not matter who has come against you, what matters is that you make a choice today to never be the same. Look to the future. Know that the plans and purposes are planted deep in your heart and it is up to you to fulfill them and get out of your own way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finding Gluten Free Makeup

There is an increasing number of people developing gluten allergies. The options are starting to improve in finding makeup and wellness products that are gluten free. A great option and good company that makes gluten free products, is Arbonne. Arbonne is known to have pure, safe, and beneficial ingredients. One great thing is that their products are gluten free and vegan (no animal products). If you want to know more information, I am a distributor and can tell you more. See my site at :
Arbonne offers weight loss, skincare, makeup, and a variety of wellness products.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mean what you say....and say what you mean!

Words....they have the power to heal, motivate,and encourage. Words.....also have the power to destroy, tear down, and cripple. I find it astounding how loosely people speak to each other sometimes in relationships. As if the words they say will be quickly forgiven or looked past in an instant. It just isn't true. I have been married for several years, married into a family where words have been thrown around like a volleyball their entire lives. I see how it destroys children, makes disrespectful teenagers, and poor intimate relationships. I have seen how people can truly hurt others with their communication. I can see how generations will be affected by the actions of today. It is very important to treat people in your life with deep respect and mutual admiration. Your children will see how you relate and become the mirror image of you. Generations always reap what you sow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Health Master- Cancer and Nutrition

Jillian McKee

Complementary Medicine Advocate

Bringing a wealth of personal and professional experience to the organization, Jillian McKee has worked as the Complementary Medicine Advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance since June of 2009. Jillian spends most her time on outreach efforts and spreading information about the integration of complementary and alternative medicine when used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatment.

Family Members Can Help Cancer Patients by Planning Healthy Meals

It is well known that food plays an important role in a person’s health.  People who eat fatty foods that are high in starches, sugars, saturated fats, and artificial flavors are prone to being overweight, having less energy, and high blood pressure and cholesterol issues.  While it is important for any person to maintain a healthy diet to increase quality of life, it is even more so important for cancer patients to eat foods that are nutritious and healthy.  

Family members can support their loved one with cancer by helping to prepare meals for the person.  Many times, people with cancer receive nutrition information from their physicians or oncologists that they are to try to incorporate healthy foods into their daily diets.  These foods often consist of meals and snacks that include high quantities of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, citrus, and nuts.  If a person is very ill from the disease, or from the treatments of cancer, it can be a physical strain to try to find energy to prepare healthy meals.  

Friends and family members who have loved ones who are battling cancer can be a big support by creating healthy recipes and meals that are loaded in calcium, protein, and high in fiber.  Many fruits and vegetables have helpful antioxidants in them that give people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other form of cancer, an edge for extra energy and strength when it comes to coping with cancer.  It is vital that a person battling cancer keep up as much physical strength as possible so the person can maintain the rounds of treatment that are necessary to defeat the disease.

By pre-packaging snacks such as fruits and nuts and putting them in the person’s refrigerator, family members can provide a great source of help to their loved one.  It is common for people with cancer to lack energy enough that they feel too tired to eat, let alone try to find the strength to prepare healthy meals themselves.  

This often results in a person eating quick and easy foods that are loaded in sugar and fats that do not provide proper nutrition for the cancer patient.  Water, lemon-flavored natural drinks, small amounts of coffee, salads loaded with eggs, cheese, nuts, and diced vegetables are very beneficial to people who are trying to gain strength as they undergo cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, prescription pills, and radiation.

The Food Domain is an educational resource site that lists multiple topics on nutrition for people battling major diseases such as cancer and diabetes.  They provide contemporary recipe suggestions for healthy foods, as well as detailed nutrition topics that can benefit people who are preparing meals for people with cancer.

By: Jillian Mckee:  Of The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why do unhealthy people resist change?

It is one of those questions I ask myself all the time, "Why do unhealthy people resist change?" You would imagine that an unhealthy person would want to get healthy and in many cases they do, but for some it really is a struggle. I am not even talking about the physical aspect of things, I am talking about the over all person from the inside out. Relationships can make people toxic and unhealthy, yet they stick around those people who will continue to abuse them, their trust, resources, etc. It makes no sense to me. However, if everyone were content and healthy I would be out of a job and we would all be in heaven. This side of heaven people will always have issues. It is how one handle things that make the difference.
There are some who have been living so unhealthy in so many areas of their life that if the healthy "bug" came up behind them and bit them in the rear end, they still would not be able to recognize it or even accept it. In fact, they may even reject 'healthy' because they do not know any better.
Most of the time the one(s) who are living in an unhealthy situation will not see it until something drastic happens. Recognizing that there needs to be lifestyle changes is the one key piece that will make the true difference.
We have heard the phrase, 'you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink,' it is cliche i know but very true. You can tell someone the truth, even if it hurts. You may also show them a better way, but you will never be able to make them change.
People change when they want to change and when their pain is greater for them then the fear of change itself.
What can you do as a person surrounded by unhealthy people?
Here are a few to start:
1. Be the change you want to see- all you can do is live your life the way you want to live and live it out healthy, true, and whole. Sooner or later those around you that have been spinning out of control will either spin out of your life all together or they will see a difference and maybe one day want some of that difference.
2. Keep healthy boundaries- stand your ground. Those who are unhealthy will reject your boundaries and manipulate you to feel guilty, feel sorry for taking a stand, for leaving, etc... STAND your GROUND!
Pick up the book Boundaries, by Cloud and Townsend.... awesome resource!!! Every family in America should read this book.
3. Seek Counseling- there is no shame in seeking wise counsel. Seek it...and find it...and do it! 
These are just a couple things but know that every day, every person has a choice. They have a choice to survive or thrive. Thriving is the way I want to about you?

Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Oral Health Tips for a Great First Impression!

Your smile is one of the first things people notice! why not make a great first impression?

Yes, it takes a little time and effort, but keeping a healthy smile is beneficial to your health and your image. Just remember, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.

Here are some tips on how to keep a healthy smile:

Tip 1. Brushing!
Brushing twice a day will not only make your teeth look and feel fresh, but will give you better smelling breath for those close encounters. I recommend brushing once in the morning after breakfast and once in the evening before bed. Brush with fluoride containing toothpaste for 2-3min. And you know that cute girl in the cubicle next to you with the everlasting fresh breath?...yep, she carries a toothbrush with her to work, so don't be afraid to keep one in your purse or desk drawer.

Tip 2: Flossing!
Dental floss reaches areas your toothbrush can't go, those in-between the teeth spots. Flossing not only removes the food stuck between your teeth, but also bacterial plaque that cause cavities and bad breath. Floss at least once a day, twice if you're really dedicated to your oral health.

Tip 3: Eat the right stuff!
A well-balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, proteins such as chicken and fish, and carbs such as whole wheat bread and grains. Blueberries, pomegranate and green tea contain bacteria-fighting antioxidants. Yogurts and cheeses contain probiotics and calcium that regulate bacteria and strengthen tooth enamel. Avoid colas, the citric and phosphoric acids in soda wear away tooth enamel, and the high content of sugar contributes to plaque build-up and formation of cavities. 

Tip 4: Water is your friend!
Water works on so many levels. Water hydrates gums and lips, leaving them healthy and supple. Water maintains balanced electrolytes throughout your oral cavity and entire body. Water rinses excess bacteria from your mouth. Water combats plaque build-up and bad breath. Water is a healthy alternative to juices and sodas.

Tip 5: Make friends with a Dentist!
If you're gonna visit him/her every six months, and make a potentially lifelong relationship, make sure its someone who is passionate about dentistry and your well being. Your six-month dental visit includes a professional cleaning and comprehensive exam, including checkup for cavities, evaluation of gum health and oral cancer screening of your entire mouth. The best way to avoid tooth decay is prevention through regular checkup and cleanings. Prevention is your best investment!

You can learn more about healthy foods for healthy teeth here!

For any questions about oral hygiene, feel free to ask!

Best Regards, 

Dr. Josh Berd, DDS
Dentist and Educator
San Francisco, California

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 4 Healthy Foods for Healthy Teeth!

San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Josh Berd counts down the Top 4 Healthiest foods for Healthy Teeth.

1. Yogurt

Natural organic yogurt is low in carbohydrates, high in calcium and loaded with probiotics. Calcium fortifies enamel (the outer, protective part of your teeth). Probiotics promote optimal oral health by supporting proper flora and pH balance. Cavity-causing bacteria thrive on carbs and acidic pH, however, eating yogurt helps balance your mouth’s pH. Try this: replace your mid-day sugar snack with organic yogurt topped with honey (honey also contains powerful antibacterial properties that support healthy gums).

2. Kiwi

This superfruit packs more than 100% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vital component for the building of collagen in your gums, keeping them supple, healthy and able to resist bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Try this: top off your cup of organic yogurt with a heap of chopped kiwi, or eat it whole with a spoon.

3. Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins which kill bacteria that form plaque and contribute to periodontal disease. Catechins also wipe out bad breath-causing bacteria. Try this: instead of drinks at a local bar, take your date out for some green tea, the antibacterial effects of tea will ensure that you’ll get a fresher kiss at the end of the night.

4. Wasabi
This may be a surprise to most people, but this is no ordinary condiment! Isothiocyanate, the substance that makes wasabi taste hot, also inhibits the growth of Streptoccoccus, a cavity-forming bacterium. Try this: eat out at your local sushi restaurant this
week. Wasabi will give a zing to your sushi, and also protect your teeth.

For any questions about oral hygiene or healthy foods, feel free to ask!

Best Regards, 

Dr. Josh Berd, DDS
Dentist and Educator
San Francisco, California

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Senator Nancy Pelosi Honor Dr. Berd for Community Service

At the 65th annual awards ceremony hosted by the Geary Boulevard Merchant Association held on September 13th, 2012, local dentist Dr. Josh Berd was one of the merchants honored for his contribution to--as Mayor Ed Lee stated--the vitality of (San Francisco) residents.

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma added that Dr. Berd is ‘recognized for service to the community through the provision of brilliant dental care, all-inclusive procedures ensuring optimal oral health as revealed in the “three Cs”, which emphasize a Comprehensive diagnosis, a Comfortable experience and a Community partnership, thereby benefiting all the people of City and County of San Francisco and State of California.’

Senator Mark Leno also noted that ‘it is through the committed efforts of people such as Dr. Berd that the world becomes a better place.’

Dr. Berd is extremely humbled by this honor and feels privileged to provide dental care to the community (Inner Richmond) in which he grew up. He attended public schools in the Inner Richmond including Washington High School, and later earned his DDS from a local dental school, University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. It was Dr. Berd’s parents that first opened their dental office over 18 years ago at 4444 Geary Boulevard, and have recently entrusted their son with the responsibility of caring for the oral health of San Francisco’s residents and local merchants.

One of the requests Dr. Berd made to SF’s next mayor (whoever it may be) is to ‘continue to support the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Project Homeless Connect, the non-profit effort which aims to provide necessary health services to SF’s 8,000 homeless.’

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting a Facelift - Is It Right For You?

Many people consider getting a face lift operation done. There are many alternatives to this surgery but how do you know if getting a face lift is right for you? A face lift is a very easy surgery. If you do consider getting a face lift then you should know that if you have health complications or heart problems, then it is probably not a good idea. They definitely have to put you to sleep and that may not be something that is right for you. Sure many people do it anyways to look healthy or even to improve their self esteem but sometimes the risks out weight the benefits. Before jumping into a decision don't even take my word for it, make sure you talk to your doctor to make sure it is an option for you. This operation will tighten the skin on your face and change the way your skin fits around your facial bone structures.

There are many ways that a facelift can improve your appearance and give you that youthful look. You should know that everyone has different problem areas and you might want to reconsider whenever possible if you aren't showing that many signs of aging. Sometimes it is better to wait until you have multiple problem areas such as sagging skin under your chin, bags or droopy eyes, and a lot of wrinkles. If you only have 1 of these problems then your best bet is to wait until you have more issues. You don't want to be caught in a loop getting multiple face lift surgeries later in life. Many celebrities have been caught in this loop and end up causing serious damage to their face, all in the name of beauty. Some of these celebrities look absolutely horrible. Your goal is to have 1 facelift you don't want to keep coming back. Here are some of the ways you can improve your face with a face lift.

  • Does your mid section of your face sag? This is due to low collagen levels that cause your skin to sag. 
  • Do you have deep creases or wrinkles under your eye lids? This can cause you to look older and even unhealthy.
  • Do you have deep creases running from the corners of your mouth to your nose? This can be fixed easily and can make a dramatic impact on your appearance.
  • Do you have a great deal of loose skin anywhere on your face? Specifically under your chin? This can cause you to look overweight and really unhealthy. This can all be taken care of with a face lift.
  • The muscle tone of the lower areas of your face can change over time. If you have this problem it can most definitely be fixed with a facelift.
If you have one or more of the problems listed above then a facelift might be a good idea. Especially if you have spent a fortune on expensive "age defying" beauty products that just aren't cutting it. Remember though, it is always a good idea to talk to your regular doctor before going straight to the plastic surgeon. That way if you have any other health problems that might get in the way, you can avoid them by following your doctor's instructions.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Safe, Pure Perfume

I love perfume. However, many times the content contains harmful ingredients. I usually spray perfume on my clothing and if I use it, most of the time spray it on my clothing . I try to limit as many harmful ingredients on my skin as possible. I was so excited to find and also be able to sell this new perfume and cologne which is made purely from botanical ingredients and grain alcohol.
SD-40 is a high-grade purified grain alcohol, not synthetically produced. So pure is this specific type of alcohol that it would actually be drinkable, except that it has been mixed with a Denatonium salt, a colorless and odorless bittering agent not known to pose any health risks. By law, any cosmetic product sold in the United States using alcohol must also include a bittering agent, making it too bitter for internal consumption, taking it out of the liquor category.
These products are amazing, there is a perfume and cologne and if anyone is looking for healthier alternatives, these are a great choice.
Check out the site below and under the product section, select: fragrance :to check them out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Power breakfast on the go

Every morning I run around making sure that the people and my house all get taken care of,and most of the time it is all before 7 am. Way too early for me. I loved being a morning person for years, then I had kids. The entire concept changed for me, it was no longer mornings to have quiet time and get ready in peace for the day. My mornings became quite crazy, intense, and at times almost in tears by 9 am. I needed to figure out how to eat healthy and not skimp on meals. I do protein shakes and make my own protein bars occasionally but most mornings I make myself this power breakfast that is quick and easy and I can do it in between getting dressed, changing kids, and cleaning up all kinds of disasters. The best part about it is that you can throw it in a bag if you need to run out the door for work.
Slice of multigrain bread toasted- Spread with almond butter and sprinkle with chia seed.
Grab a banana and slice on top or eat on the go.
If you are really in a hurry fold the bread in half to make it less messy and eat on the go.
Protein bars are also a great way to start your day or snack. Recipe and links for protein are under the label to the right. "Recipes"

Peanut Butter Sauce

Growing up my mom made an amazing peanut butter sauce that she would drizzle over ice cream. Well to say it was amazing is an understatement. However, now that I am looking into healthier options I have created my own version of the delight and put it on our ice cream now. When I saw ice cream, i do not mean the conventional term either. If you have a vita mix, or high powered blender you can make your own version of ice cream with some ice, fruit, vanilla bean, water/milk. Substitutions are key when creating healthy recipes. Just because you are choosing to live healthier does not mean there is less flavor, less fun, or less taste. It is still alll of that and more because your body does not get all the fat and sugar.
Ok, so here is my take on this tasty treat.
Peanut Butter Sauce ( revamped. ;)... )
1 Tablespoon of Agave Nectar
1 teaspoon of Stevia
1 teaspoon of Coconut Oil
Heat in small sauce pain till combined and smooth
Remove from heat and Add: 2-3 Tablespoons of Smart Balance or Organic Peanut Butter
and 2 tablespoons of low fat milk (could be almond milk too)
Stir together till smooth and enjoy over your treat.

Hope you all like it....Share your comments and ideas.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good News...The power of happy thoughts

I love getting good news, don't you? I really can not imagine anyone not loving good news. I know for me and my family we have had some tough few weeks. It seemed like we had bad news every day last month. Today I am thrilled and celebrating for two very special people in my life. I have two very dear friends who have had an "out of the blue" surprise and it proves that all things can become beautiful in time, and how God always makes things new.
In our world it seems that stress and gloom can bombard our thinking, it can weigh us down, make us sad, and even depressed.Taking time to think about the good things that have come into your life makes you value what is important and re-evaluate some of your goals. Filing our spirits and minds with good and happy thoughts actually improves the quality of our life. When we constantly focus on the negative or live a life of comparison it creates a breeding ground for unhealthy thoughts to take over.
By changing the way you think you can create a more positive environment for yourself and those around you. I am taking today to rejoice, it is so important to love others enough to be able to rejoice with them when good things come their way. Celebrate all of life's big and small surprises!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The poison of jealousy

Jealousy is a poison that will eat away at a person and destroy them from the inside out. It’s been said that, “Jealousy is a poison that I drink in the hope that the other person will die”. Webster’s dictionary defines jealousy as “Resentment or discontent against a rival or against seeing another’s success or advantage”. Jealousy and envy are very much related. Jealousy is feeling threatened that someone will take what is yours. Envy is feeling resentful that someone has, or is getting, something that you want, or feel is more rightfully yours. Jealousy and envy are founded in wanting what another person has, for example, material possessions, power, recognition, or relationships. It’s when I want what you have or want to be who you are or want to do what you do. When I look at you, I feel like I am missing out on something.

Jealousy is like a cancer that eats at your bones. It destroys relationships, and prospects of a hopeful future if you allow it to take root in your heart. 
So what is someone to do who deals with jealousy, jealousy is a spirit that can take over someones entire life, making them even believe things that just are not true. 
Breaking The Spirit of Jealousy:
1. Admit there is a problem and get your eyes off everyone else!
2.Run from it. When you admit their is an issue and you suspect those feelings rising turn your thoughts somewhere else. Think on good things!! Think on hope and love not hate and envy.

TEST yourself: Ask, "Can I really be happy for someone else and rejoice with them even if they get some thing I want or obtain something I can not have?"  If you are actually resentful and can not rejoice with them, you have a jealousy problem and need to get a hold of it before it takes over your life.


Friday, April 13, 2012

First Aid Tips - Always Be Prepared!

I have been a cub scout, a boy scout, and a regular camper all my life. Now you see where I get my title of this article from. Be Prepared is one of the boy scout's many sayings that holds true to anyone both boy and girl, human or otherwise. No matter what happens with politics, with new diseases every day, we simply don't know what our fates are going to be. The best thing you can do is be prepared in the most practical way possible. One of the most obvious ways is with a first aid kit as shown above, but there are also other tips I would like to share. After all first aid kits are not magic wands. Reading instructions, and having basic knowledge will get you through the hard times.

When I was in boy scouts, and cub scouts we had to do many different activities outside in order to earn our badges. We did canoeing, cycling, jogging, hiking, and when any of us got a cut, scrape, or bruise, we were taught to take care of it as soon as possible. I will tell the same thing to you. Here are some things you should always keep in mind...

  • Wash the area real good with CLEAN water. I cannot stress clean water enough here. Using dirty water will cause more problems with infection.
  • Apply some sort of antiseptic solution. Try to use a clean cotton ball here. You don't want to use your dirty fingers.
  • If the scratch or scrape is not that deep, just apply some antiseptic cream and let it heal. Don't cover it up with a band-aid let it breathe as much as possible.
  • If blood is still flowing apply pressure and hold it until you can stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding stops apply a band-aid or wrap it up with something.
I know these sounds like crude tips everyone should know, but in a survival situation, these tips can help a bad situation from turning even worse.

Why Does Everyone Drink So Much Water?

Why does everyone insist on drinking so much water? I am not saying that water is a bad thing, in fact, water is life and we all need it to survive. Many people have heard the advice, we should all be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This is a lot of water. Where did the 8 glasses number come from? So many people drink so much water every single day, and they say to themselves that they are doing it to get their "8 glasses". They do not do it because they are thirsty.

The 8 glasses a day figure comes from Dr. Valtin who is a kidney specialist (original source). He states that the recommendation of 8 x 8 ounce glasses of water really comes from the Nutrition Board of the National Research council. I know it sounds scary. The actual recommendation however was not for 8, 8 ounce glasses of water, it was for 1 milliliter of water for each calorie of food. So that should be around 60-80 ounces of liquid. The reason why most of us remember 8 glasses of water is because a lot of the media forgot to leave out the part of the quote where it says we get most of this water from our prepared foods. How convenient for the water bottle companies wouldn't you say? Collectively those bottled water companies made something like 7.7 billion last year.

People are constantly trying to push how much water they can drink in a day. This is not always a healthy thing to do. Did you know that you can die from too much water? A lady by the name of Jennifer Strange took part in a radio contest that was called "Hold your wee, for a Wii". The goal was to drink as much water as you can, and at the same time keep from going to the bathroom. She won the contest, but later that day she lost her life. She was complaining of a headache and nausea before she died. These are the symptoms of what is called hyponatremia. This is because she had water intoxication, or too much water and not enough pee.

Remember, water is not a bad thing. The best thing to do is listen to your body. If you're thirsty try to stay away from the sodas. Try grabbing an ice cold water instead. 8 glasses a day might be a bit too much, but hey it won't kill you. Just don't push it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

We all love a bright white smile! However, some of my patients have expressed concern about the long-term safety and short-term sensitivity associated with tooth whitening. 

I'd like to address the 5 most commonly asked questions about teeth whitening:

1. Why do Teeth Stain?
The most common causes of stain include coffee, tea, colas, and smoking. Old fillings can also discolor teeth. Stain is more adherent to teeth covered with plaque (a combination of food debris and bacteria). Therefore, eliminating plaque with regular brushing and flossing can reduce accumulation of stain.

2. What is Tooth Whitening and How Does it Work?
Dentists offer two choices: ‘In-office’ whitening takes about an hour and may utilize a laser light to enhance the action of the whitening agent; and ‘at-home’ whitening involves wearing custom trays that fit snug on your teeth and are filled with whitening gel. ‘At home’ whitening trays can be worn several times daily or overnight. Key ingredients in whitening gels are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When placed on your teeth, these gels achieve a whitening effect by ‘oxidizing’ away stain molecules. Tooth hypersensitivity is most often related to higher concentration of key ingredients but is only temporary. 

3. What are the Risks of Tooth Whitening?
One side effect of Tooth Whitening is hypersensitivity. This may be caused by peroxide gel permeating into the sensitive pulp of the tooth, or creating biochemical changes which bother the tooth’s nerve. The actual whitening process of ‘oxidation’ may also contribute to hypersensitivity by dehydrating the tooth. For most patients, sensitivity is mild and lasts only a few days. Studies have not found any long-term negative effects of whitening.

There are several conditions that may predispose a person to hypersensitivity, including gum recession, clenching/grinding of teeth, acidic diet (including colas), bulimia, and acid reflux.

4. What are some helpful tips for people interested in Whitening their Teeth?
Toothpastes containing potassium nitrate containing (such as Synsodyne) can help minimize tooth hypersensitivity. Also using a whitening gel with lower peroxide concentration over a longer period of time may be more comfortable (and effective) than a fast, large dose.

5. How do Whitening Systems Compare?
Many dentists advertise that in-office laser whitening (such as ZOOM) will produce the best results; however, this is not supported by research. Both laser whitening and at-home whitening use carbamide peroxide and both can achieve similar results. In-office whitening can be done in one visit but also comes with larger cost. At-home whitening is less expensive and can be used at your leisure. Popular over-the-counter products such as Crest White Strips are placed across the teeth. While Crest contends they work, they tend to whiten only the front teeth, and it may be tricky to keep the strip from sliding off your teeth since it is not a custom fit to your unique tooth anatomy.
For any dental related questions feel free to ask!

Best Regards, 

Dr. Josh Berd, DDS
Dentist and Educator
San Francisco, California

Monday, April 2, 2012

What is spoiling your life?

I know it seems like a strong question to be asking, but seriously ask yourself, "What is spoiling my life?" There is a passage of scripture that I can not help but think of, "Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. Song of Solomon 2:15. " You see we have a vineyard, in the sense that we have our lives. Our lives are precious, short, and are meant to be lived to make an impact on the people around us. We were all created with purpose and thought. When we allow the sly little foxes to come into our life, over time they begin to ruin seeds that are planted and meant for growth. Many times the "foxes' can actually kill and ruin an entire crop.
So what is a fox? Well, a fox actually represents many things and even other people. What are the little foxes that are attempting to destroy your life and well being?
We are in a new season of life. A time of Spring is now upon each and everyone of us. The cold harsh winds of winter have blown through each and every one of our spirits at some time or another. But with the newness of spring, growth, and renewal bloom forth.
It is funny but a good observation and something I have always noticed in my life and while talking with others is that the little foxes always seem to come prowling around when we are getting our lives in order. Little foxes continue to eat away and gnaw at whatever they can in your life until it becomes a bigger fox. Sly foxes are not easy to catch and take down, they are sly, they are cunning, and they know where you are. But to catch a fox is not impossible, it is about recognizing it is there, it is ruining your "vineyard" of life and you will no longer tolerate it.
There are things we have to hold onto in life, things that are precious and are important. So go and discover what little foxes are attacking your is time for growth, new beginnings, and victory.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My grandfather....a legacy not forgotten

Today is my grandfathers birthday. He would have been 75. He passed into eternity a few days ago, and as I write this I only wish he could be alive to read the words and know how much he has meant, not just to me, but to everyone he came in contact with on a regular basis. It is so strange that someone has to die to make everyone around them realize what a great person they lost. It doesn't seem to make sense. Going through this the last few days has made me think about so much, I have experienced a ton of emotions and am brought to tears at the thought I will never hear his laugh or listen to his sense of humor anymore. I have also thought more about what it means to value the people in your life while you have them, love them a little deeper, hug them a little longer, look at them a few more times...because you really never know when one's time here is completed.
I mentioned he was a legacy not forgotten,and I mean that in so many ways. He was not just a good person, he was an exceptional man. I've known a lot of men, I was raised with one along with my mom, I grew up beside five of them (my two brothers and three dear brother friends next door), I have loved a couple and lost a couple, and now I am married to one; and I have to say that in looking at his life;  he lived NOT like most men. I know he had flaws, no one is perfect: however, he was a man that rarely exists in one human being. He loved life, he adored his wife, he cherished his children, never criticized, sought hard after God, prayed daily for those who loved, and lived out what he believed, was gentle and kind, yet incredibly strong. He took joy in little things like caring for flowers, birds, and gardening, yet owned his own business for years as a hard working and dedicated husband and father.
I stood at his graveside and listened as so many that loved him shared their thoughts, their memories, the treasured moments they shared with this man while he walked this earth and it made me even deeper stunned that this man who I have known all my life was my very own and dear grandfather. His children and wife had not one thing negative to ever say of him, he walked with respect and treated everyone around him with respect as every decent human being should do. I thought to myself, what a life to live....where no one around you ever had anything negative to say about you or could ever remember one bad thought of him. That is the kind of life I want to live. I know he will never know this from me at this point, but I so deeply value and treasure all he has taught me even in his death.
He longed to see people around him be a better person, he prayed long hours for those he loved to come to a better understanding of what it meant to live a pure and righteous life. I know he prayed for me, and I am sure his love for his family and the prayers for those he loved were heard and are being answered even today.
"I love you Pop. Today you are celebrating with the love of your life, your Lord and Savior and for that I am so happy for you. You have made a lasting impression on everyone you knew and I am grateful I had an amazing man in my own life like you to show me the kind of life I want to live.In your honor, love Laura"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Juice Fasting Method

Everyone is trying to lose weight and stay healthy. Many people have turned to weight loss pills, extreme workouts, and even drugs both legal and illegal. I am here to tell you one of the best most under-rated methods of weight loss....The juice fast. Many people have tried the all juice no solid food diet but have failed because of how hard it is to train your brain to let go of solid foods for a while. This is a method I have used for months at a time to lose weight and to feel great. Not only is the juice fast a great method to lose weight, it is also a great way to clean out your body of toxins, and to improve your mood! This method is safe and you don't have to worry about other unsafe juice methods. This is simply the best way to do it.

Before you start your juice fast you need to prepare your body for a juice fast. Two days before the fast make sure you eat nothing but fruits and vegetables in their solid form. It is best if you can start your fast by getting an enema, or a purgative (a natural laxative). Everyday while you are fasting, if you don't have a bowel movement it is a good idea to get another enema, this is so dangerous toxins don't build up in your body if you have never done this before especially. Before you start you want to try to do a bowel movement as much as possible. This is to remove as many contaminants as possible before starting. It is a good idea to drink some hot tea with lemon in the morning. Researchers have proven that this is a great way to stimulate your bowels to move. Remember being regular with your bowel movements is key!

Here is the schedule to follow while you are fasting.

Breakfast: All you should have is a warm cup of herbal tea. Try not to use any fake teas. Herbal tea is key, and no sugar!

Mid-morning: Have a glass of freshly made juice. Make sure you dilute it with 50/50 water. This is so that you can make sure you are getting enough water throughout your day. This is important especially if you aren't a big water drinker. Stay away from sugar!

Mid-afternoon: A great cup of warm herbal tea.

Late afternoon: Go out and have a walk and breathe some fresh air.You could also even take a bath, or do a mild exercise. (Make sure not to over do it.)

Early evening: Make yourself a big glass of fruit or vegetable juice. Make sure to dilute it 50/50 with water.

One hour before your bedtime: Have a nice big cup of vegetable broth!

This is an example of a schedule I use when I juice fast. Remember you don't want to perform a juice fast for longer than 10 days. You want to make sure that if you feel thirsty to drink water. Nothing is wrong with water. If you want to do a juice fast for 10 days make sure you talk to your doctor to make sure it wont give you any problems later. With supervision, it is possible to do a juice fast for up to 30 days. Starting out I don't recommend doing more than 10 days its a shock to the body, and it should be done off and on until you can handle it for longer. Once you do this method you will feel absolutely great. I would recommend this to everyone if I could. Thank you for reading. Please post a comment about your juicing experiences, and let us know about your results.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toxic Mercury: How to Keep Your Family Safe

We all know that mercury is extremely toxic to human beings, however you would be surprised in the places you can find it in. When you are over exposed to mercury it is close to impossible to detect the symptoms because there are very few of them until it is too late. Before doctors knew the danger of mercury exposure they were treating syphilis patients with the dangerous metal. Also, hat makers would use mercury when making hats. That is where the term "Mad Hatter" originated. I guess they went a little crazy...

People know about the obvious ways you can be exposed to mercury. I want to talk about 4 ways that you can be exposed that no one talks about. Why does no one talk about this? Some of these things are covered up for private interests. One thing is for sure this blog is about health, and real facts this needs to be included in our arsenal of helpful, and healthy information.
  1. Did you know that dental amalgam has mercury in it? It sure does. This could be in your mouth, but it is not the only way we come in contact with dental amalgam. It is also found in sewage sludge. Something to remember if you are around sewage all day, or come in contact with it often.
  2. Coal factories that burn coal emit mercury into the air, and it even collects on top of bodies of water (both big and small) and can even expose fish and other animal life to mercury. It is not a good idea to be over exposed to these coal burning places.
  3. Anywhere people get cremated, there is a mercury emission that is sent out from their out gassing methods. This is something that people don't talk about, it is however pure fact.
  4. There is a preservative used in many modern "new" vaccines (including the h1n1 vaccine) that is called "Thimerosol" this chemical found in vaccines contains mercury. This is also rarely talked about.
I hope this has helped you understand other ways that you could be exposed to mercury that aren't often talked about. I assume the reason why these things are not talked about is because of private interests. If you live around places such as these, or are afraid of over exposure, the best thing to do is move. People will lie to you all day and say that things like this are safe. Are you willing to take that chance?

Choosing the Right Person to be Your Personal Trainer

I don't have anything against personal trainers. They are essential for taking the right path to achieve your specific goals. Whether it be weight loss, gaining muscle mass, or losing baby weight, they can help you take the right path to maximize your results. They are also a great way to stay motivated, and keep you coming to the gym, everyone could use more of that.

Make sure your personal trainer has experience
One of the worst things you can do is get a personal trainer that just doesn't have the experience to be a personal trainer in the first place. Some gyms are notorious for assigning personal trainers that are new recruits and have no previous experience training anyone. You definitely don't want a person like this. Also be sure to check out how fit the personal trainer is themselves. Some of these new personal trainers aren't in shape in the first place, and have no business helping anyone get in shape or reach their ultimate goal. This is not a good sign for obvious reasons.

Credentials and paper work to back up their knowledge
Most of the great personal trainers all have college degrees to back up their line of work. For example a good personal trainer might have a degree in exercise physiology, exercise science, and even physical education. I am not saying that it should be required that they have degrees in all of these areas, however its a good thing to have if your looking into getting a great personal trainer, and is a great deciding factor when choosing between some you have already picked out.

Attitude and personality
Last thing you want is a personal trainer that conflicts with your own personality type. You don't want to make an enemy, and you want to make sure your personal trainer is going to keep you motivated. A good way to find out what a future training session might be like, before you have your first appointment, you might want to schedule a meeting and ask the personal trainer in question about their philosophy on personal training, and how they plan on helping you reach your desired goal.

Many trainers offer the first session for free. If you don't feel like that person is going to be able to help you, then the last thing you want to do is let them push you into a contract. Let them know that you don't think its going to work out. Remember you are the customer, you have the right to chose. Leave a comment about your experiences finding a personal trainer. Thank you for reading!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Signs You or Someone You Love Might Be Hearing Impaired

No one likes being told they can't hear anymore. No one wants to wear a hearing aid. The fact is so many people go without hearing everything and they don't even know it. Some people that have trouble hearing feel like they are all alone on an island with no one to talk to. It is extremely hard to be in social situations and attend parties with background noise, and you can't even understand what people are saying. Many people have issues with this. There are many ways you can help someone you love by seeing the warning signs of hearing impairment and maybe save them or you some grief. Here are some easy ways that you can tell someone is having trouble hearing.

Repetition Required
Do they need to have things repeated often? Are they constantly asking if something should be repeated over and over again. Sometimes even after repeated they still didn't hear what is said, but are acting like they did. This can be highly depressing to anyone that is going through this. Give them strength!

Conversations are difficult
Conversations for the hearing impaired can be extremely difficult. Just imagine how hard it is to hear 3 people talking at once at a social gathering when you can hear everything perfectly, that is not easy in itself. The hearing impaired have even more of a difficult time and it is very hard for them to engage in conversation.

Responses are out of context
When responses don't pertain to the conversation you know someone is hearing impaired. Most of the time people blow this off or don't realize it. If you are on the look out you can help someone that is hearing impaired get some help.

I hope this helps you spot someone that is hearing impaired. No one should be forced to live when they can't hear what is going on around them. This happens to more people than you think. It is nothing to be ashamed about. Love and light.